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No 2 - December 2008

Wouldn't you love to start your holidays early

Get the job done faster for free!
Just send us one of your photo events* and within 48 hours you will have all the backgrounds replaced at no cost. Additionally, if you want to print your next jobs with us, the green screen background replacement will be free.
*Certain conditions apply:
. The promotion includes one free green screen job or up to 500 images from the same photo session.
. This promotion ends December 19th 2008.
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The most precise background replacement service is also the fastest








Inspired by school photographers and photo studios aiming at expanding their business opportunities, 36Pix is continuously making efforts to innovate image processing and printing.

We are the best at replacing backgrounds so that photos remain realistic no matter what template you chose, no matter how you shoot, and regardless of the colors your subject wears. No scissor-cut like images, no unnatural poses, no detail loss and no shades or halos. After we replace the background for you, a dedicated account rep checks every pose to make sure that you will receive the quality you expected.

Thanks to our smart technology, the whole background replacement process is faster than any other software, so we are able to manage high volumes of files and deliver high quality poses against various backgrounds within 48 hours.

How will our technology help you increase sales?
Now you have the ability to shoot once and display your subject against multiple backgrounds without having to buy complicated and disappointing software.
Thanks to our revolutionary technology, you can confidently expand your portfolio, offering high quality new products, with the fastest turnaround in the industry.
Our customers have reported up to a 30% sales increase after having included our patented MProof in their portfolio. Your clients will love to see that their photos are so realistic and so precisely transformed.

By outsourcing your background replacement to us, you will save time and money. We also provide you with a large choice of royalty free backgrounds that you can offer to your customers.

If you want to know more about how we can help you expand your product portfolio and increase your sales, contact us at
1-866-900-7788 or sales@36pix.com.


Did You Know...?

. 36Pix’s has developed the Green Clothes
Recognition feature
. Fair hair is no longer a problem
. You can use your own photo realistic backgrounds
. To shoot green screen, you don't need backlight

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