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Green Screen - Reality beats Myth

Over the last few years, Green Screen Photography has drawn in countless myths amongst photographers in the industry. Unfortunately, hanging on to such stories prevents photographers from unleashing their creativity and boosting their business.
But with the most advanced technology in hand, it's time to tell the truth about how easy and inexpensive it is to obtain high quality green screen results. We at 36Pix want to share our knowledge with the photographers that still hesitate to cash in on green screen.

Green Screen - Reality beats Myth

Here are the most common myths about green screen and the reality about them

Myth: The subject must not wear green.
Reality: With 36Pix's Proprietary Green Clothes Recognition feature, we retain all green clothing worn by the subject.
Myth: You have to light the background separately and consistently.
Reality: You can get perfect results with these simple lighting set ups.
Myth: Green Screen will decrease my profitability.
Reality: Green Screen has increased our customers' revenues by as much as 30%, and if you print with us it's FREE!
Myth: For high volumes, green screen background replacement takes too long to produce results.
Reality: At 36Pix, Background Replacement takes less than 48 hours, regardless of the volume.
Myth: You have to place the subject as far forward from the backdrop as you can.
Reality: The subject can be at a minimum of 3 feet from the background.
Myth: Offering many background choices to customers will slow my production down.
Reality: With 36Pix's MProof and QuickOrder workflow, order entry can be done in minutes.
Myth: It's impossible to replace the green between hair strands.
Reality: 36Pix is using advanced green screen algorithms that are capable of retaining every fine detail of hair and perfectly translate transparencies to the replaced background.
Myth: I need to use 5 flashes to achieve consistent lighting.
Reality: You can shoot with as little as one light for great results. » Lighting set ups
Myth: The best result that you can get is a scissor-like cut subject, with shadows and haloes.
Reality: Backgrounds, textures, color intensity and variations of shade are very precisely detected. This allows 36Pix to deliver very realistic outputs that preserve all the details, without unwanted effects.

All in all, the set up for green screen shooting can be very simple. Shoot the way you want and we guarantee that the background replacement will be accurate and realistic, while small details as hair strands and clothes color are totally preserved. If you're still not convinced that reality beats myth, contact us to see more proven results.

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