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PMA '09, Las Vegas Nevada - 36Pix, the industry-leader in high-volume green-screen background replacement services is excited to announce the launch of ChromaStar™ at the upcoming PMA convention in Las Vegas Nevada, from March 3-5, 2009.
ChromaStar™ is the most accurate high-volume green-screen technology on the market today making it easy for any photographer or studio to get started with green screen.
Powered by 36Pix, ChromaStar™ provides Green Screen Background Replacement (GSBR) and KnockOut (KO) services unmatched by any other lab or software in the industry.
ChromaStar™ is a revolutionary technology featuring world-class shadow detection, and green spill and green clothes compensation. Even fair hair is no longer an issue, since ChromaStar™ preserves every fine detail, eliminating the "scissor-cut" effect often found in other systems.
Thanks to the unparalleled speed and quality of images processed by ChromaStar™, photographers can finally stop investing yearly in new backgrounds. And the best part is, there's no complicated or expensive software to install since we do the work for you.

World-Class End-To-End Services

In order to help photographers maximize profits and increase revenues, 36Pix offers the following turn-key services:

Green Screen Background Replacement (GSBR) Service

Why spend your valuable time wrestling with expensive software when 36Pix will do the background replacement for you? You can provide us with your own custom background, or select one from our massive library of high-quality professional images. 36Pix does everything else, using ChromaStar™ to return a perfectly clean background replacement to you within 48 hours, even for high-volume businesses.

KnockOut (KO) Service

For maximum flexibility and control, 36Pix also provides a KnockOut service, which is a "must-have" for any studio involved with school and sport photography. Our KnockOut service also utilizes the revolutionary ChromaStar™ engine to generate a perfectly clean digital KnockOut that preserves all of the subject's fine details. The digital KnockOuts provided by ChromaStar™ will immediately and perfectly integrate with any background, meaning you can take control of your own background replacement.

Printing Service

36Pix does the green screen background replacement and prints for you. The Background Replacement is included in the print price. Our full-service digital lab offers the highest quality products and the fastest turnaround time in the business.

Get started now with green screen using our prepay and proof sales sheets.

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Contact sales@36pix.com, or your account representative for more details.

36Pix will show you how easy it is to get started with Green Screen using ChromaStar™. Contact us now to reserve your free spot at our launch cocktail to be held March 4th,2009 at 6 pm at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, Copa Room, right next to the Convention Center, at 3400 Paradise Road.
Before this session, you can also visit 36Pix at PMA, booth K231 & K232, situated on the first floor, in front of Nikon stand. For more details, see the floor map.

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