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You can now shoot full body poses on green screen with ChromaStar™

Full body shots have always put photographers in doubt whether to shoot green screen or not. But thanks to 36Pix ChromaStar™, now you can use green screen for full body individual or group shots. This means that you can offer all the advantages that Green Screening has to offer for Photo Shoots such as Proms, Dance, Individual School Day, and Class/Group shots.
Using complex algorithms, Chromastar™ will retain the harsher shadows, giving it a realistic depth perception. Combined with the proper digital background, your results will not only look photo realistic, they'll look outstanding!

Contact our sales department at 1-866-900-7788 or sales@36pix.com

Individual full body

Start shooting full body today. Go to our website to download green screen photo setups.

individual full body

Group photos

Why invest thousands in traditional backdrops when you can use our recommended 10'x24' Green Screen Backdrop at a fraction of the cost!

group picture

Prom Shots

Give your prom students the flexibility to choose their favorite backgrounds.


Dance Photos

Make dance a sales success with our massive library of high-quality digital backgrounds. We change the background for you, making sure that every fine detail is retained, without any unwanted effects.


Get started now with green screen using our customized starter kits!

If you've been thinking about using green screen for your school photo sessions but don't know where to start, we have just the right solution for you! We've designed two completely customizable kits to get you started with green screen immediately and with no risk.
You can opt for either our Proof or Prepay Starter Kit and we will personalize all the kit elements with your company name, logo, packages and prices. 36Pix provides you the kits at very competitive prices so that you can immediately realize the benefits of green screening.

Proof Program

You can increase your sales with strategic background selection using this complete Starter Kit including our unique mProof green screen proof, a sales sheet and an envelope, all personalized for free with your company information and packages.

GSSK - Proof Program front GSSK - Proof Program back

Download the print file
( GSSK - Proof Program front side )

Download the print size
( GSSK - Proof Program back side )

Prepay Program

This prepay kit is the most cost-effective and easy way to incorporate green screen in your prepaid photo sessions. Fully customizable on your demand, the Prepaid Green Screen Sales Sheet will feature more choices for parents and students along with a professional look for your packages.

GSSK - Prepay Program front GSSK - Prepay Program back

Download the print file
( GSSK - Prepay Program front side )

Download the print size
( GSSK - Prepay Program back side )

Contact us now to get started with Green Screen!

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